Welcome to HOUSE DE ARCH, where innovation meets elegance, and your spaces transcend the ordinary. We pride ourselves on being the purveyors of unparalleled design excellence, offering a comprehensive suite of services that redefine the very essence of architecture and interior design. Simply Put, We are one stop Solution for all your need.

Commercial Interior Design

Step into a Realm of Sophisticated Aesthetics as HOUSE DE ARCH Crafts Bespoke Interior Solutions for Commercial Spaces. Our Rich Portfolio will Tell You Why We Are The "TOP COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGNER". Hands Down.

Residential Interior Design

Your Home, Your Sanctuary. HOUSE DE ARCH Specializes In Curating Personalized Residential Interiors That Harmonize With Your Lifestyle And Aspirations

Architectural Design

In The Realm Of Architectural Design, House De Arch Stands As An Epitome Of Innovation. Our Architectural Marvels Are Crafted With Passion.

Project Management

Navigate The Intricate Journey Of Construction With House De Arch's Project Management Expertise.

Consultancy Service

Guiding You Through The Labyrinth Of Design Possibilities, House De Arch Offers Consultancy Services That Are As Insightful As They Are Transformative.

At House De Arch, we believe in turning your aspirations into architectural masterpieces. Embrace a world where every space tells a unique story, where design transcends the ordinary, and where House De Arch is synonymous with excellence. Elevate your surroundings, redefine your experience – welcome to the epitome of design sophistication.

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